What we do

Inovac Health uses a range of products including industry-leading electrostatic sprayers to effectively and safely disinfect premises.

Our service is cost-effective. It is our prerogative that we can service any size of business from the smallest to the largest. We will recommend the service based on location size and expected footfall as well as a number of other factors.

We pride ourselves on directness and honesty with our clients. We do not scaremonger our clients instead we give them the facts and information about our solution.

Electrostatic spraying will efficiently get to places where traditional methods of cleaning and disinfecting would miss or not properly cover. As the chemical is electrostatically charged during application it will wrap around and stick to all surfaces not just land in the direction sprayed. No other type of sprayer will achieve this.

Our Electrostatic Sprayers are NOT ULV Foggers. While Foggers may have uses in certain situations, such as warehousing our outdoor disinfection, they are not suitable for office, retail or food service premises. Many are repurposed herbicide sprayers or mosquito sprayers. We can guarantee that the products and chemicals we use are specifically designed for the purpose and are the industry-leading brand. Our sprayers are not used for any other purpose or with any other chemicals.

Inovac Health offer three standard processes. We will recommend a process based on business type, footfall, employee count and interaction points by customers.

Inovac Care: 28 Day Disinfection Cycle

Inovac Protect: 14 Day Disinfection Cycle

Inovac Ultra: 7 Day Disinfection Cycle

In addition to the highest quality disinfection service our clients also receive our trademark WindowPass signage system which is replaced regularly. This allows our clients to advertise the efforts they are making to ensure a safe environment for employees and customers alike. We also provide regular social media content and information for our clients as standard. Our signage can be shared digitally and physically with prospective customers and employees.

Our service technicians will adhere to strict protocol as well as document every visit creating a detailed audit trail for each of our clients which can be accessed at any time. Services are quick and easy for clients. Generally we arrive before open of business or after close. The rooms can be used 20 minutes after our process is complete.

Our chemicals do not leave any residue and are completely safe for food areas.

We provide all of our clients with a full digitized audit trail of our services and keep records for 10 years.


Chemicals Used

We provide our services using eco-friendly disinfectants by TECcare Antimircobial Technologies. TECcare manufactures world-class anti-microbials using highly advanced chemistry that passes all efficacy testing whilst remaining safe for users in any environment. TECcare uses its proprietary adjuvant to turbo- boost very low levels of chemicals to become powerful, fast acting, long lasting disinfectants.



All TECCare products have been tested and assessed as Non-toxic, Non-irritant, Non-corrosive, and Food-safe anti-microbials. It is CE Approved and REACH Compliant.

TECCare Control creates a barrier on the surface that lasts up to 28 Days.