Streamlining disinfection process in Healthcare

Healthcare providers have an inherent duty to protect patients from getting sick during visits, and to give staff a healthy, safe environment in which to work.

Healthcare Associated Infections also pose financial risks, due to the significant fines for non-compliance with CMS guidelines and legal action brought by infected patients.



We offer bespoke services as required by HealthCare facilities both Private & Public as well as complete audit trail accountability on all of our services.

During May 2017, 60 Irish hospitals (46 public and 14 private) volunteered to take part in the EU wide survey.

There were 10,333 patients included on 599 wards in the 60 hospitals. Participation in the survey was higher in 2017 compared with 2012, when 50 hospitals took part and 9,030 patients were included.

Public hospitals accounted for 87% (8,989) and private hospitals for 13% (1,344) of included patients.

We found 678 active hospital acquired infections (HAI) in the 10,333 patients. Of those, 41 had more than one active infection type.

This represents an infection prevalence of 6.1%, This is higher than the prevalence in 2012 of 5.2%.

(Source – HSE Press Release)

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